Urban Algae Canopy Produces as Much Oxygen as Four Hectares of Woodland

The Biolamp Design, created by Hungarian designer Peter Horvath, is a sleek chamber that contains water and algae.

The Urban Algae Canopy was presented as a prototype at this year’s Expo Milano. The project was presented by London-based ecoLogicStudio as part of The Future Food District project.


The bio-digital structure pumps a fluid with microalgae around a transparent shelter, which in turn produces shade, energy in the form of biomass, and an impressive amount of oxygen.


When the sun shines intensively, the algae will photosynthesize and grow, which in turn will reduce the transparency of the canopy and provide shade.


There is hope for the use of algae canopies in current and future buildings. It’s part of a larger vision for a strengthened relationship between organic and high-tech systems.


“Integrating organic and artificial systems opens up sustainable possibilities for everything from temperature control to power generation methods using advantages of both natural and digital parts.”




Read more about it here.



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